Canal Housing

The project revolves around some of the challenges we face when building neighborhoods in latent industrial harbor areas, more precisely in Aarhus Ø. Even though the area has a history as a central harbor area, the traces from this era are mostly no longer present. What we are left with is the outline of the former industrial pier, and the drastic development of the area from the last decades. As the historic identity of the area is gone, the new development will create a new identity.

In Aarhus Ø, one may argue that there is no singular new identity, but rather many diffuse and different ones. These new identities are rarely connected to the context. My project with its limited footprint and functions can not establish an identity for the entirety of Aarhus Ø. Instead of solely focusing on creating the identity of the buildings, the project strives to develop its exterior functions, strengthening the connection to the water in Aarhus Ø.