Gap House

Tokyo is one largest and most dense cities in the world, and is in dire need of housing. However due to local regulations, there is an unexploited paradox that that is very typical for Tokyos city structure, and it is apparent at our cite in the Yanaka district. This is the fact that houses are required to have a gap of approximately half a meter between every building, mostly due to the citys history with devastating fires. With almost every square metre of the city being occupied by either streets or housing, the existing gaps is
a series of interesting spaces that could be implemented into the architecture.

We chose to let these gaps define our project, and they became our building site. Tall concrete walls were erected in these gaps with living units attached, allowing us to build above the existing cityscape; and in this creating new spaces in a city in dire need of exactly this. In addition, concrete walls filling out the gaps would replace the gaps function as a fire barrier.