Studsgade 33 – Restaurering

The project in Studsgade 33 is a restoration project, where the main focus of the project was to maintain the unique and irreplaceable qualities of the building while fitting in a new program. The historical building has since the later part of the 1960s been a part of the Aarhus school of architecture. As the architecture school moved to a new location last year, the project intends to transform the existing building from an office space into a diverse program containing a bakery, a café, an apartment for interns and a large family apartment for the people in charge. The middle building connecting the two parts of the building was demolished, as it was a decayed addition from the late 60s, with little to no historical value. The primary focus of the project was to create an overall plan for the conservation of the front and back building, with a main focus on the front building containing the new apartments.